Stress, muscle tension and massage.

Even if we haven’t actually heard someone say of another that they look as if they are carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders, there will be few haven’t heard the saying. A client I saw this week was very clear that the problems she had in her upper back, neck and shoulders were due to to stress recently and that as she got older this seemed to happen more and more.

Massage can tackle this on two different fronts.

  1. Working on the affected muscles can bring a lot of relief. Oils such as Ginger and Rosemary are good for this, increasing blood flow locally.
  2. Reducing stress. Frankincense, Bergamot, Vanilla and many others depending on the nature of the problem can all help in reducing stress. As can the massage itself.

I find a large percentage of my clients acknowledge the links between their psychological lives and the effect on their body. Of course this does not mean that injuries unrelated to our state of mind can not happen but even then recovery can be aided by Massage and Aromatherapy. Of course, here in Cambridge the exam season has just finished so the stress of that is replaced by the one of waiting for the results. What better time to give yourself the treat of an aromatherapy massage without the guilt of taking time out from studying?