Statistics, my website and my practice.

AT least twice a week, I look at the statistics for this site. If they don’t make sense, i.e. number of viewers for the day I am looking is one, there have been three views all from different countries, I have learned that this is just that some bits of the stats are updated more quickly than others.

Other interesting insights are the search terms used to find my site. “Essential oils for whiplash” seems to be quite common and I suspect that most people who put that into the search engine are disappointed because there isn’t a magic formula that will fix it. The same is true for Ehlers Danlos syndrome, a connective tissue disorder that leads to hyper mobility.  From memory my posts on that subject stress most the importance of listening to the client and being guided by them as allergies are more common and a pressure that I think of as quite light could in some cases be damaging. – Much better that a client asks for more pressure when I don’t use enough than that I cause pain or worse do some structural damage by using too much force. (I know people that has happened to though so far not caused by myself!)

Hopefully, even if some of my posts never gain me a client they will help some of those reading to recognise the problems their clients have and also help some clients to be more assertive if they get a therapist who does not understand their condition. There are always going to be many conditions I do not fully understand and I have to have the humility to admit this.

Statistics can also help me to understand what is likely to work for different clients but important as high quality research is, I still have to remember that every client is different. Only through doing that can I provide the best service.