Aromatherapy Massage and what else?

I have often written about various conditions that massage and aromatherapy can help with. I have also been careful not to market it as a magic answer to any particular condition.

I often tell clients that changes in diet and or exercise will also help them. Like so often this isn’t a one size fits all type of advice. If a client has Irritable Bowel Syndrome, the diet I personally eat is quite likely to give them stomach ache. The anorexic client is not going to be told to cut down on carbs and or fats!

The same is true of exercise. A number of my clients go to the gym. However a lot of them like myself would be bored by this which isn’t conducive to getting the best out of it. Fortunately in Cambridge, there are lots of other options. Cycling is obviously one activity that is popular and it doesn’t need to be done as an individual. Other options include swimming, pilates, (I often suggest that for those with back pain issues.) or even Circus! I used to do a lot of this when I lived in London and Cambridge Community Circus now has a new home and I am just starting to get involved on the edges of it. And as well as the indoor stuff, most Saturdays and some evenings during the summer some of us play on Jesus Green doing some acrobatic balancing.

However the important thing is to make it fun! This is true both of eating and exercise. If you find out what is really nice to eat that fits with your aims to lose/gain weight, have fewer stomach cramps or whatever you are more likely to stick with it. Exercise is the same, you are much more likely to do it if it is fun but just as with tastes in food, what is good for one is not for another. – My other half will not eat a chilli if I make it to my own taste!

Oh and before I forget, Gardening can be good exercise and produce delicious food to help with dietary issues!