In the beginning…

Would that more people in all sorts of professions had your commitment to honesty. Good luck Margaret!


Two weeks ago, I finished my As exams. Like many students, when I closed that final paper, I felt  great weight lift from my mind. Now, I feel a heavier one. In about six weeks, I will have my results. Of course, they’re just As. I can retake next year. But I’ve already started my A2 work and I know that this year is going to be just as stressful as the last.

To be honest, my future plans don’t help. It’s my dream to be a doctor (at the moment, I’m thinking paediatric oncology, but I think I might be getting away from myself), and it’s actually fairly realistic. That doesn’t mean it’s easy. Before I even get to the interview stage, I need to get an excellent score in the UKCAT (a stress-bomb of timed questions intended to be used as a scale of potential for medical students)…

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