Summer Solstice

The summer solstice is a time that pagan traditions have celebrated for thousands of years.For plants it is a time of rapid growth (especially for the weeds). Time spent hoeing at a local organic farm.  This it at Lode, just outside Cambridge.


We had a small celebration at Trumpington Community Orchard yesterday where we had story telling and a treasure hunt.

And to finish off, a 30th birthday party at Newnam college. IMG_20150621_193349

Meanwhile on the allotment……


a bumblebee can be seen on the borrage.

Bumblebees are important pollinators of many species as some varieties have longer tongues than honeybees which cannot reach the nectar inside them. This makes them important for the aromatherapist, herbalist and grower alike as much of what we eat is dependant on pollinating insects just as are nearly all the species that produce essential oils.

Because of the light, many people have problems sleeping at this time of year. This makes it a good time to get those black out curtains for when you go to bed. Combine this with booking an aromatherapy massage and you will be supporting those who grow plants that provide food for our many pollinating insects.

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