Coping with the Heat

Today the Met Office app on my phone tells me the temperature will peak at 32C  here in Cambridge today. Hard to believe when it is less than two weeks since I stopped needing heating in the room to do a massage! Still that is why they say most countries have climate, Britain has weather.

Top of my list is drinking plenty of water. When practising I get through a minimum of 1/2 pint during a one hour or ninety minute massage and consultation along with more between appointments. Today, I do not have any clients but between ensuring the allotment has enough water, I am getting through at least a pint every hour and a half.

I am also using cooling oils such as Spearmint  and Peppermint. However I am avoiding one of my favourite oils, Bergamot. I would be quite happy using it in the evening but as I intend to go out to the allotment again I don’t want to risk causing photo-sensitivity. I know that even with sunblock some people can get very badly burned using it and most of the other citrus oils. Basil is another oils that has this class of chemical in it’s make up.

Stay safe and especially if exercising, drink lots of water. There is no need to take extra salt for most people as nearly all of us get far more than we need in our food anyway.

One addition that I do as standard to the drinking lots of water is I always add a few leaves of melissa (lemon balm or mint to the water which psychologically if not physiologically enhances it’s cooling effect.