Gardner’s Delight

Like many who have a garden or allotment, I sometimes dream of climate control. Rain during the night and hot during the day, giving the plants what they need to grow, high light levels for aubergines and the like but plenty of moisture in the soil.

This would also produce high levels of nectar for my bees, giving them the raw material they need to produce both wax and honey. The wax I melt down to mix with olive oil to produce hand cream, while the honey either goes with fresh fruit from the allotment, defrosted frozen fruit in the winter, or some of it through the alchemy that is yeast gets transformed into mead.

However apart from watering in the pollytunnel, today is about fun and relaxing. Some acrobatic balancing on Jesus Green this afternoon and then the Green Party Ceilidh this evening. With luck some will come to both.