Side by side massage.

Well simultaneous in separate rooms actually!

From time to time I get requests for two friends to have massage at the same time. Being a man, I am not big on multi-tasking so I have too options. Consecutive massages. (As my normal sessions are ninety minutes this means three and a half hours without a break virtually.) I do this but prefer to have half an hour between sessions as this gives me fifteen minutes to sort the room out between sessions and fifteen minutes to veg out/grab a coffee etc.

The other option is to approach one of my fellow practitioners and see if they want to take on one of the clients. This is what I did today except backwards – i.e one of my colleagues who also works on reception at the Salus Wellness Clinic phoned me yesterday and asked if I was free around 1.30.

My client was lovely and really appreciated the massage and Naomi’s client was also really nice. I look forward to seeing mine again. – My colleagues clients lives in Belgium so is likely to be a less regular client though is back in a couple of months time.