Summer Break

On the 13th August till the 27th I will be taking a break from work and visiting the Orkney Islands with two friends who have been counting birds for the RSPB over their three months there.

Emails will only be replied to sporadically if at all as much of the area has no 3g coverage for my phone.

This means, No Facebook, No Linkedin, No Twitter etc.

Almost like when I did my massage training – no internet then or certainly not at a price I could afford so even though my mobile phone is a more powerful computer than something larger than the ground floor of our house that I learned to program on many years ago, it still won’t work most of the time I will be there. So don’t panic! I will be back and working from 28th August. And rest assured, I will respond to voicemails and emails either when I get a decent signal or when I return to normal life.