Change of plan!

Today, I had expected  a significant part of my day to be spent watering the allotment. Had I expected last night’s thunderstorms, I wouldn’t have done any watering yesterday! I certainly don’t need to do any today. This means I can spend time picking fruit, preparing it for the freezer and other vital tasks.

This will be followed by an annual networking meeting with fellow practitioners from Salus Wellness Centre and some of the other enterprises the owner of the clinic is involved in. It also functions as a celebration that I just missed last year as it occurred I think just before I joined the clinic, either that or it was just after and I was already booked for something else.

My bees will be pleased about the rain, though they probably were not happy about the noise with marble sized hailstones coming down! – Bees tend to get more stroppy during thundery weather but the rain, followed by high temperatures means plenty of nectar for them. (hot dry weather with insufficient moisture for the plants to take up from the soil leads to low levels of nectar in many plants.