Working from a clinic

I work mostly from a clinic, The Sallus Wellness Centre though I do see a few clients at home. Occasionally I get asked why? given that the overheads are much lower at home.

There are a number of reasons why I like working from a clinic and in particular the Salus. One is that there are over fifty practitioners working from the clinic though I haven’t met them all yet. This means a lot of people working in similar fields to have interesting conversations with/swap funny stories/frustrations etc.

From time to time I get clients through the clinic as opposed to via my own advertising, something I wouldn’t get working from home. And as I don’t have a spare room that I can dedicate to massage at home, it means taking over the living room which means my other half can’t use it for the duration of the massage and I have to get the table out, put it up, take it down etc. On the other hand, during the winter especially, clients I do see there love the woodstove which also heats our hot water!

The other disadvantage of seeing clients at home is that I feel uncomfortable about seeing clients there for the first time if I don’t know them. This may seem strange when I have seen a number of clients for the first time in the evening when I have been the only practitioner present in the clinic but I have never claimed that my own psychology is consistent! Fortunately, to date I have not seen a client who wants anything inappropriate though I have had a number that have been weeded out at the telephone stage.

Other advantages include hydraulic tables which are great as they can easily be set lower for larger clients or higher for smaller clients. There is even the potential to change the height during the massage for different parts of the body which I know some practitioners do.