How long should an aromatherapy massage last?

How long is a piece of string? I can do a basic back massage in about 20 minutes, A rather more thorough one in half an hour. A basic full body massage in an hour’s appointment, again a rather more thorough one in 90 minutes.

I don’t like doing half hour sessions particularly as the amount of  time preparing the room, with fresh towels etc and then washing and drying towels is disproportionately high compared with the amount of time doing massage. For this reason the cost/unit time for the client is higher.

My standard appointments are for 90 minutes. Consultation time is obviously less on second and subsequent appointments meaning a higher percentage of this time is spent receiving massage. I also do one hour appointments and if there is a specific reason to do so – i.e. if I am offering taster sessions at an event or if a client has Chronic Fatigue Syndrome which can sometimes mean that they get tired out by longer sessions then I will do half hour sessions.

Interestingly, one client has recently started asking for 2 hour sessions for some more intensive work.

This is good from my point of view as while on my pricing it might appear that I am getting less/hour this is not the case when time washing towels etc. is taken into account.

I also enjoy working like this. It enables a very thorough full body massage, especially if not for a first appointment. Longer appointments are also useful for first appointments as I have to ensure there are no medical conditions that contra-indicate any of the essential oils. I also have to find out what conditions I am treating. (Of course this varies from the client who, “just wants to relax” to those with complex medical needs. This is why it is good if new clients can fill in the intake form either in the waiting room or on-line as a basis for the consultation.
Practising in Cambridge of course can lead to some fascinating conversations with clients that it is important I don’t get too caught up in taking away from their time! I have worked with tour guides, Academics of many different persuasions, athletes, Perfumers and many others. I have also worked with not just physical conditions but many psychological and mental health issues too.