The allotment

“A week” was what a famous gardener said was the difference between a good and a bad gardener.

I am afraid that while the bags of frozen blackcurrants, redcurrants gooseberries etc might suggests otherwise, this year I have been a bad gardener! Much of the fruit has fallen off the bushes before we have got around to picking it, still perhaps the baby/young hedgehog I saw on our allotment yesterday will enjoy some of it.

Some things however have to be done – on our allotment site their is a communal poly-tunnel and today was one of my turns on the rota for opening up the doors. Given that rain is promised by the met office within the hour, I have only opened them a fraction to let some ventilation occur. (Today I expect the rain to be widespread enough that I believe the met office.) – They often promise rain for weeks on end and despite other places less than half a mile away getting it, we don’t!

Today I have dug up some new potatoes, picked a couple of pounds of gooseberries and a large handful of French beans. I have also brought back a few shallots.

For me eating fresh healthy food is as important as using natural remedies as much as possible and I shall be making a new potato salad with some of the shallots and chilli to take to the Transition Cambridge 7th Birthday party picnic, hoping the rain holds off!