Individual prescriptions of essential oils.

Tomorrow as my oils are mostly sitting at the place I have my practice, I will be making up a skin balm/ointment for a close friend. She is having to feed via a peg tube at the moment and wants something that will help prevent/reduce infection around the tube site and also reduce inflammation. I will be using beeswax from my own bees, organic olive oil and essential oils of Blue Tansy (for inflammation) Myrrh for preventing infection. (I could use Tea Tree but because my friend has many allergies and this includes many strong scents, I am avoiding this. I will also use bitter orange, a life enhancing uplifting oil and one of Jasmine, Neroli and Rose along with Frankincense.

I use the same criteria for choosing oils and go through the same consultation process when making one of these skin balms to an individual prescription as I do when giving an aromatherapy massage. I charge an extra £10 for the consultation but subsequent purchases of the same formulation are the same price as the standard mix I make which has Frankincense, Geranium and Sea Buckthorn.