My top five massage questions/comments.

These are the questions and comments I get most that clients worry about, probably not all in order as I haven’t done scientific research on this!

  1. What should I wear?
  2. I’m sorry I haven’t shaved.
  3. Sorry. (In response to tummy gurgling.
  4. Sorry. (In response to lifting body part rather than relaxing and allowing me to do it.
  5. Can you use more/less pressure there?

Every one of these has happened on more occasions than I can count.

  1. Normally just knickers/underpants but some clients like to take everything off but I don’t suggest that. The use of towels to cover parts of the body not being massaged means the therapist doesn’t see anything more anyway.
  2. This really doesn’t bother massage therapists! Not even the occasional client who seems to be wearing a rug – I have only had one of these!
  3. This is a normal physiological response. When the body relaxes, the para-sympathetic nervous system gains ascendency over the sympathetic nervous system increasing peristalsis. In contrast, anxiety reduces it which is why chronic anxiety can lead to constipation.
  4. A perfectly normal response, certainly in our culture, trying to be helpful. When the client apologises, I always tell them that nearly everyone who hasn’t had a lot of massage before does it to start with and some of those who have!
  5. Yes! I encourage this question because everyone is different. Just about every client I see, I tell them near the start that it is OK to request this.