A new venture.

Yesterday, I agreed to become a trustee of my Professional body. The International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists. I will know more about what this entails soon when I get an email about this and more information still when I take part in a conference via Skype next week.

Prior to this my involvement with the organisation has been limited to paying my fees annually, reading the journal that comes out a few times a year and contributing to the facebook page of the journal.

I suspect that as well as being introduced to the politics of Aromatherapy (I know some related to multi-level-marketing companies who encourage what I consider unsafe practices.) It will also be a spur to increase my knowledge beyond what I am currently doing through study to meet the demands of the Federation.

I will also have more of an understanding of the demands of curricula in training institutions and  possibly even have some involvement in setting standards for affiliated training organisations.

This move is both a little scary but also exciting and I look forward to what it might bring.