Essential oils to take on holiday.

I will when this is posted be cycling around the Orkney islands having travelled there by train and boat. Weight restrictions mean that I won’t have access to all 60 odd oils that make up my full kit. I do however have a small wooden box that will take nine bottles of essential oil.

What I choose to take will be idiosyncratic and based on my own and my partner’s needs as well as some first aid oils. If your choice is different, that does not make it wrong!

With that in mind I shall list the oils I will be taking with me next week assuming neither of us has anything happen that changes the choice before then!

  1. Lavender. One of the most commonly used oils, good for pain relief as well as relieving itching from insect bites and stings.
  2. Tea Tree. Also good for insect bites and stings as well as preventing infections from cuts and grazes. Another good first aid oil.
  3. German Chamomile. (I could also have used Blue Tansy or Roman Chamomile here.) My other half sometimes struggles with sleep problems. – Because of the nature of our holiday, that probably won’t be an issue but this oil along with Lavender help to reduce this problem. It also has an anti-inflammatory effect which again brings it into the first-aid category.
  4. Either Bergamot or Bitter Orange. – Because I love the clean uplifting aroma!
  5. Jasmine for it’s sensuality – it is a holiday with my other half!
  6. Frankincense – One of my favourite oils. Used for millennia in temples as an aid to meditation it will help me enjoy the silence away from cars.
  7. Spearmint – good for tired feet after a long days walk. Less stimulating than peppermint which I also use for this sometimes so less likely to keep us awake.
  8. Vanilla – A rich warming scent and for no other reason than it is one of my current favourites!
  9. Ginger – another first-aid oil, just in case we get any aching muscles.

I will also take some coconut oil for massage. It being solid at room temperature means I don’t have to worry about it leaking if the lid of the jar works loose!

I will also take one jar of the skin balm I make with organic olive oil, beeswax and essential oils of Frankincense, Geranium and Sea Buckthorn…. Now I could cheat and take something else instead of Frankincense…..

Do go to my home page which contains contact details if you would like to book an hour’s consultation to help pick the oils that you would find most useful to take on holiday or even just to have around the house.

Please note that I do not sell the oils myself as carrying that much stock would be prohibitive cost wise and because some oils, in particular the citrus ones only have a limited shelf life some would deteriorate before  being sold.