Claims, genuine and otherwise

One of the downsides of running my own website is that I have to check what goes into spam and delete it from time to time. Some of it is blatant advertising for sunglasses, Viagara (whether genuine or not I don’t know and don’t care.) Some of it is for products that are relevant to my practice or to running my site but still don’t pass my ethical assessment of their advertising.

If a product guarantees getting to number one on Google searches then everyone would be using it and we would be back to square one. Other products are for weight loss and are almost certainly scams. Anti-ageing creams I place in a similar category. Of course as none of the products advertised are certified organic, I will reject them out of hand anyway.

About my own practice, the only claim I will make is that the vast majority of my clients have said that massage and aromatherapy has helped them and that I will do my best to give a massage that will help, using oils that I know have in my professional judgement helped others over the years.

Each one of us is different and an oil that helps reduce my knee pain may not help someone else, though oils like Lavender and German Chamomile which have helped many people with joint pain and there use for the same has been backed by research probably stand more chance of working than an oil picked at random. I was going to say than an oil picked just because it smells nice but given how much our perception of pain is affected by the mind an oil that you as an individual love the smell of is probably going to help more than one you don’t particularly like or worse still can’t stand.

If you come to me for an aromatherapy massage or a consultation to make an individual skin balm, don’t be afraid to tell me about the oils you don’t like even if my previous experience and the research makes me recommend it as one of the best oils for the job!

After all there is research about what colour pills work best for depression and some other illnesses and if the colour of a pill/tablet can change it’s effectiveness I am sure that liking or not liking a smell can have even more effect!