The Weather and Aromatherapy

You might think that the weather has little to do with working as an aromatherapist or massage practitioner. You couldn’t be more wrong on more than one count.

Bad (cold and damp) weather makes for more clients as invariably hot sunny weather makes people find other things to do with their time. And, many clients love the warm room when they come in. – The room is just a bit warmer than I would choose for my own comfort but then I am not the one getting undressed!

However it isn’t just the number of clients that is affected. Cold damp weather makes for an increase in complaints of a cold damp nature such as some respiratory complaints calling for oils that are hot and dry in their characteristics. Black pepper, cinnamon are two that come to mind. In hot weather cooling oils such as spearmint are used more often.

Other cooling oils used are from the citrus family but as these can cause photo-sensitivity requiring the client to avoid exposure to strong sunlight I always mention this to clients before choosing these oils, even if I have told them before!

Of course, if it is the last client of the day, there is no problem as it will be over twelve hours till they get the chance but I still tell them in case they might think of using these oils at home.

Now looking at the weather outside, I can make a good guess as to