Who is responsible for our health?

A close friend has recently been diagnosed with bowel cancer.  I don’t know if any of his lifestyle choices were responsible for this or not. What I do know is that he had symptoms that should have led to investigation for this two years ago.

Did he self diagnose with IBS and only actually seek medical help recently or did the medics not do what the NICE guidelines suggest they should do and investigate any change of bowel habbit that lasts more than a month?

I may never know the answer to these questions but am left thinking that if anyone tells me about IBS problems again I will ask whether they have been checked out for bowel cancer. I will also be sure to get myself checked out if I develop symptoms.

This is one of the cancers that stress can play a part in, as well as alcohol consumption.  It is worth noting that for some conditions moderate alcohol consumption reduces the risk, though going above the WHO guidelines has either no effect or makes things worse for nearly all conditions.

I am also reminded of my responsibility to my clients and how when I take a medical history I need to ensure that I am not encouraging a client to cover up problems that really do need medical intervention.

I firmly believe that primarilly we are all responsible for our own health but htat responsibility includes asking for help when needed. Having trained in nursing I know when I need to look for extra help, the problem is that too many people in our society do not with some going to their doctor for things that do not require help and others for whatever reason not going when they do.

I use massage and essential oils, both giving and receiving as a way of dealing with stressors in my own life. It may well be something that can also help you too.