Circus Space 25 years on.

I went to evening classes at The Circus Space,   (Now the National Centre for Circus Arts) for a little over 20 years. I loved my time there and as about five people there were case studies for my massage and aromatherapy training, it gave me a great insight into working with athletes. Make no mistake, some of those who train in circus are top athletes even if they never gain the recognition that those who go to the Olympics etc. do.

Yesterday I returned there for the first time in about four years for their 25th birthday party. I was one of about ten or twelve who remember the original building. It was wonderful to see so many old friends and to catch up with what they are all doing. Also a relief to hear so many people saying that there were lots of faces they couldn’t put names to! As one of the oldest there at 59 I feel I have some excuse!

So to all those whom I enjoyed playing with be it balancing, flying, cradle or any of the other disciplines I toyed with over the years, (That means most at one time or another) it was such fun and if you were there and I didn’t talk to you sorry. If you couldn’t make it I missed you, Especially Pauline who was my teacher for so many years and the Dudes.