When will massage therapy believe in itself?

Interesting debate. As an aromatherapist, I can not agree that there is little evidence for it’s efficacy. The article cited for this is 15 years old however. The difference in regulations between states in the US is mirrored by the differences in standards between the varying professional organisations that one can join over here in the UK.

That said, both aromatherapy in particular and massage in general need to up their game when it comes to research.

Massage Therapy Research and Education

This morning, while having coffee and surfing facebook, I came across a post announcing the 2016 Oncology Massage Healing Summit hosted by Northwestern Health Sciences University.  I am always looking for news to post to my own facebook group focused on massage research, meditation research, and related topics, so I checked the link out.  Just based on a quick scan, I’d say it has the potential to be a good event.  Oncology massage is a really important topic, and a perusal of the presenters reveals some people with really terrific reputations; for example, both Tracy Walton and Lauren Cates have been leaders in oncology massage and oncology massage training for years now.  Anyone who has worked with them will tell you that they are incredible.

But then I took notice of the two keynote speakers – or more specifically, their areas of expertise – and I had an all-too-familiar sinking…

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