Bees and Chickens

Today is about livestock. Probably the last day I will look in any of my hives till next year. Sadly a friend has lost a colony due to a drone laying queen and wasps. Had I known about he drone laying queen earlier I may have been able to help but by the time I saw the colony yesterday there was nothing could be done about it other than to harvest the honey that the wasps haven’t had yet.

My own bees seem to be faring a little better with all colonies looking strong enough to make it through the winter.

Friday is also the day that we look after our cooperatively managed chickens. (one day a week and one weekend in five when we clean them out. This means none of the usual problems of what to do during holidays etc as there is always someone to provide cover.


Sunari is the daughter of an ex member of our chicken co-op (should that be coop) and is seen here with one of our bantams, (banta?)