Massage and Aromatherapy for FibroMyalgia

I was reading on another blog recently about the struggles the writer was having with her FM.

I commented as follows

I would suggest a blend of Roman or German Chamomile, Frankincense, Ginger and Rosemary. Either diluted in a carrier oil (any good quality vegetable oil such as olive, sunflower or coconut will do) or in an oil burner or diffuser. Despite the claims of a couple of companies that engage in dodgy marketing strategies do not take essential oils orally!

The first three oils all have analgesic properties, whereas Rosemary is the one I have found most effective in helping energy levels with the Fibro-Myalgia clients I have worked with in Cambridge

Do not be afraid to try other oils however, especially if there are any of those I have mentioned that you really don’t like.

If diluted in a carrier oil, rub some onto your belly as well as your neck and top of your chest. The latter will make some of the oil evaporate so you ca breathe it in which has a faster effect than absorption through the skin.

Have you tried massage? I know this is not for every person with ME/FM and as the expert on your own body you need to be able to tell any massage therapist what level of pressure etc is right for you.

Some therapists think they know best and will leave clients feeling even more exhausted through the use of over vigorous massage.

The one extra oil I might add to the blend is Bergamot as depression is very common not just with FM but with all chronic illness.

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