Oils for stress relief.

Massage and aromatherapy can be a great way of relieving stress. Which oils to use can be a very personal choice because our experiences associated with different smells changes how they will affect us.

Given that caveat here are some of my favourites that I use in my practice in Cambridgeshire.

Benzoin, a key ingredient in Friars Balsam is also an ingredient in incense used in both Buddhist and Hindu Temples.  It is particularly good for worry made worse by exhaustion.

Bergamot, is an oil I would nearly always add to the blend if depression is also present.Cardamom which blends well with the citrus oils can be thought of as an oil to boost or restore our appetite for life and get us out of patterns of over-thinking.

The Chamomiles, both German and Roman are both good for relieving stress of any kind. They are particularly good at helping us to let go of tension in the solar plexus.

Pine encourages us to open up the chest and breathe deeply. Many of us react to stress by restricting our breath, hence the saying, “take a deep breath.”

A blend of 4 drops of each of these scept Benzoin which only requires two can make a great difference in a massage, allowing us to move beyond the stresses of our day to day lives.