Inlaws moved to care home.

This was not my decision but neither have I been uninvolved. When a loved one is involved in a decision to have her parents move into a nursing home they need someone to bounce ideas off, let off steam with and generally get comfort when things are difficult.

In this case, there are some difficult family dynamics with what would in my old work places be called a lot of high expressed emotion! This got in the way of power of attorney being granted and then after this the professionals involved decided that they no longer had capacity to agree to it leading to it going through court of protection proceedings.

In one way this was good as the court could be blamed rather than anyone in the family. Another positive is that they now seem fairly settled there.

This now leaves the issue of sorting the house out!  If nothing else, some of what we found makes me think that it should have been done at least a year ago but at least they have moved before the numerous fire risk in the house led to a disaster!

Numerous items alleged to have been stolen from the house turned up as did an early mobile phone.

Exhibit A

Exhibit A

I feel very lucky that my own parents have sorted out power of attorney some years ago and that I am happy with my two brothers looking after it, one on the health and welfare side and the other on the financial side.