Why we need to do something about stress.

This article from Massage magazine is a really easy to understand explanation of how stress can affect us.

Summarised as follows.

  1. Stress is a result of the fight and flight response. This resp;onse is not a bad thing as it is what makes us run if we see a car likely to knock us down etc.
  2. The brain can not distinguish between the threat from a car and a thought such as, “I know I am going to fail this exam.” “I need to stay late to finish this piece of work and my partner is going to be angry at me…” Etc.
  3. If we experience this type of thought too often then, what happens is that the hormones released in the brain along with those from the adrenal glands, stay at a high level. This can cause problems with heart disease, diabetes, and bone loss to name just three. It also makes for an unfulfilled life.

So what can we do about it?

  1. Every time we hear ourselves saying, “I don’t have time for that.” Take time out to do something relaxing and enjoyable.
  2. Practice mindfulness. If we stop making up consequences for things we don’t do or don’t do perfectly they become a lot less stressful.
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