Meeting clients where they are.

I have for many years held the view that massage and aromatherapy while being wonderful for improving health and wellbeing are not the sole answer. Good health involves good diet, exercise, work life balance and much more.

What happens when I get a client who is clearly looking for a quick fix or sticking plaster solution to what (in my view) is a problem that requires a complete change of lifestyle to resolve?

Let me be clear, that most of my clients are not like this. The majority of those seeking aromatherapy massage (at my practice in Cambridge at least) have relatively healthy lifestyles. However occasionally I do get someone who is in a job where stress levels are sky high and the client is clearly not interested in a way out but more sees a session with me as a way to keep afloat and not go under.

My response is to think that coming to me is an important first step. (And it often is the first step, them being new to both massage and aromatherapy.) I am not in the business of making people change bur rather in enabling change to take place.

Oils like Vetiver and Frankincense encourage groundedness. Bergamot and other citrus oils help combat depression. Rosemary can help with resolve. I will say what the oils are for as I choose them based on what the client has told me. One has given up training to be a lawyer and is now working as a hypnotherapist/psychotherapist. This may be partly as a result of the sessions she had with me.

I have to accept people where they are at in a non-judgemental way. It is not that uncommon for me to meet clients whose political opinions differ from my own. While there are situations where I will get into rigorous debate, the consulting room is not one of them! Those who look at the whole of my website will have a pretty good idea of where my politics rest but I can do more to effect change by giving a good treatment than by arguing with a client!