Arthritis, Massage and Aromatherapy

Often thought of as an, “older persons'” illness, this is not necessarily the case. There are juvenile forms of the disease and osteoarthritis can be present at a relatively early age due to bad work practice or repetitive actions from sports. It can also be a consequence of sports injuries. The rheumatoid form of the disease is an auto-immune disease.

Nearly all are able to get some relief from massage but it is important to remember that massage and aromatherapy will not reverse damage that has been done. the cartilage once destroyed does not regrow. It is also important to remember that the pain an individual experiences does not necessarily reflect the amount of damage that shows up on x-ray. Some with very little damage experience a lot of pain and some with a lot of damage seem to experience a lot less. Massage and aromatherapy are able to reduce the amount of pain experienced by a client. However those with chronic severe pain may still require analgesia. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy also helps many with chronic pain issues.

Essential oils that can help with arthritis include Scots Pine, Lavender, Ginger and Sweet Marjoram.

As psychological issues have a great effect on the experience of pain, oils like Bergamot for depression, and Frankincense for anxiety are also often useful and I often use these alongside the oils that directly effect arthritic pain in my Cambridge Practice.