Learning about oils.

Sometimes it is good to look at and more importantly smell our oils with a fresh mind.

A fellow therapist here in Cambridge (reflexology and learning shiatsu) came around yesterday to learn something of the energetics of essential oils.

My challenge is to once a day, take and oil and smell it. Do so with each nostril separately holding the other closed with a finger. Is there any difference? What effect does the oil you have chosen have on you as an individual? What do you feel? What images come to mind if any? What memories does it evoke?

If you have the same oil from two different batches or from different suppliers can you tell the difference? If you can this is not a bad thing! It may or may not mean a difference in quality.

I have bergamot from two different suppliers and I think that the one from Materia Aromatica is superior to the other one. To me, the one I prefer is a cleaner and more uplifting aroma.

By contrast I really rate the Pine oil from the supplier that I don’t like the bergamot from. Because weather conditions vary from year to year, there will differences in the chemical composition of oils from year to year. As one of the functions of the oils is to deter insects etc. from eating the plant, this variation stops the insects etc. from evolving to cope with the essential oil!

So next time you notice the aroma of an essential oil is not quite what you expect, stop and think. Pay attention to it, and ask, Is it from a bad batch? Is it too old for use. (Most essential oils do go out of date and deteriorate with age.) Or is it still just as good but different because of the natural variation? Train your nose so that you can judge!