Looking after our bodies.

Most of us have bodies that are no longer perfect – requiring glasses for vision and in my parent’s cases hearing aids as well. Many of us pick up injuries over the years as well, either by accidents or through work or leisure. In my case my cradle partner sat on my knee tearing my anterior curxiate ligament.

Aromatherapy and massage are not going to fix a ligament as once stretched they do not return to their former length. What they can do however is reduce pain and inflammation. Exercise has also helped me to build up the muscles supporting the knee so that I can still carry out most activities is not quite as quickly as before! I don’t swing about at height anymore however and certainly don’t have someone else swinging on me!

Having been a part of that world however gives me a greater understanding of how the body works and adds to my understanding from my nursing background and knowledge of physics.

This along with an understanding of how essential oils work in the body improves the quality of the massages I can give as well as helping me to give them without damaging my own body through overuse injuries etc.

dave@cambridgearomatherapy.com is how to contact me to find out how a massage can help you.