Quality of essential oils.

Essential oils vary greatly in quality. I recently tried out a new supplier and loved the Pine essential oils they do. However I was unimpressed by their Bergamot. Since then I have bought some more bergamot (it is one of the oils I use most of as I get a number of clients suffering from depression.) This one from Fragrant Earth, is truly vibrant and alive with a wonderful fresh citrus aroma.

Does this oil have a greater effect than the one I found rather dull? I have no proof of this but I strongly believe it does. The sense of smell is very powerful, especially when dealing with emotions and am certain that this will be the experience of clients as well.

Buying inferior quality oils is to my mind a false economy, even if just for use in a burner of diffuser in the home. With the higher quality oil, less is needed for the same effect.

With this in mind, whenever I open a new bottle of essential oil I make notes on the aroma. This helps me to compare it with previous and subsequent purchases.  It is worth noting that as essential oils are natural products they vary from year to year. (Yes there are brands which blend from different batches to give constancy across production for the final product but the suppliers I use do not do this and the resultant oils are more akin to single estate wines made from just one variety of grape.) They will vary from year to year  both in the exact chemical make up and the volume of production depending on the weather.

So, the supplier who provided the oil that was somewhat lacklustre remains on my list as the other oils from them were of excellent quality. I just won’t try their bergamot again until enough time has passed for it to be from a fresh harvest.

I will continue to take an active part in ensuring the highest quality of the oils I use. Just as we should be careful about what we eat, the same applies to the essential oils we absorb through our skin.