Individual skin balm.

When I do a consultation, most often it is to see how I can best help someone with a massage and essential oils. However few people (and none of my clients) can afford daily massage! If they could I would be if not rich, a lot better off than I am!

This is where making a skin balm comes in. This morning I did a consultation, just as I would have before a first massage session and then working together we chose oils to put into the skin balm. Actually two separate mixes in this case. with different oils in each. Occasionally I will also do this for clients who I am treating with massage. It is made using organic olive oil and essential oils and beeswax from my own bees.


This can be used every day if needed enabling the client to get the benefit of the essential oils. Also it helps keep the skin soft in the case of my standard mix which I sell mostly for use on the hands for gardeners and allotment holders locally!

£30 for 50mls including consultation. Time taken including blending the essential oils into the beeswax/olive oil mixture takes between 45minutes and one hour. Subsequent pots of the same mix £10

With most blends this mix can also be used as a lib balm.

If you want the benefits of aromatherapy but are someone who doesn’t get on with massage or if you want to gain extra benefit from the essential oils in between massage sessions call 07939273569 or email