Autumn is truly upon us. Time for a massage!

Autumn really is a time when we should start to look after ourselves a bit better. Last nights the clocks went back and around me I can see the leaves have started to fall from the trees at a greater rate.

The colder weather means more colds and other minor niggling illnesses that for the more vulnerable can turn into dangersous chest infections. This is partly a direct effect of the weather but probably more to do wth the indirect effect of more of us being in confined spaces indoors together with windows closed to keep out the cold.

Essential oils that have a comforting feel to them include, Jasmine, Juniper, the citrus oils and nutmeg to name but a few. These oils all have antibacterial and anti-viral properties and can help us to avoid illness over the winter months. Add them to a stress busting massage and you can really boost your chances of getting through the winter without having to take time off sick. Taking time out for yourself can also be key to thisl

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