I know it is not an essential oil that I use in aromatherapy. However I do use it a lot! Every year, I split about ten bulbs up to plant the cloves to produce over 100 bulbs to get us through the year.

On top of this we grow some more to give our chickens a bulb between them once a week. Once the cloves are cut up they really enjoy them!

Garlic has many health benefits, being an anti-oxidant and also for the chickens helping to prevent worm infestations.

Garlic also helps to prevent colds and flu though unfortunately it will not guarantee that you don’t succumb. I do find that the combination of garlic and using a lot of essential oils means most years I don’t get flu even when others around me do and tha I suffer from far fewer colds than most. But I don’t see myself using garlic during massage!