Home or Clinic?

I see clients for massage both in my home and at a clinic in Central Cambridge. There are advantages to both.

At home, I don’t need to cycle into work, especially good if it is chucking it down with rain! The room is warmed by a wood burning stove, much nicer in my opinion than either central heating or electric radiators. (The options in the clinic.)

Also because the stove has a water-jacket around it to heat hot water, I can put towels on top of it to warm them. Clients love this!

Disadvantages are that I don’t have a dedicated room for massage. This means I need to lan appointments at home long enough in advance to ensure the room is clean and tidy. I also have to ensure the times don’t clash with when my partner might want to use the room.

The last disadvantage is that if my partner isn’t at home, then I am on my own in the building with the client, though this sometimes happens with evening appointments at the clinic as well. With the occasional exception I tend to only see people I know or are friends of those I know at home for first appointments.

Advantages of the clinic are rooms dedicated to massage. (There are five of them including one downstairs which is wheelchair accessible.) Tables that are adjustable, some electric, others hydraulic in action. This makes it very easy to get the table at the right hight whatever the size of the client. Heating the rooms is quicker than it is at home or even when not quicker at least less work than the woodstove! Most of the time there are other people in the building. (I have not had a time yet when I have needed to call on them but two therapists who have been working there longer than I have both have.) The clinic is also another source of clients though for myself at least, not that many. (This may change as work is done on the clinic website to improve it’s search engine ranking.