A Christmas Massage

Christmas or the Winter Solstice is the time when the light we get from the sun here in the Northern hemisphere is at it’s minimum.

Some enjoy this as a time of introspection. Others see it as a time for social activity and a round of parties associated with work and other groups they are part of.

Some see it as a time for family, either getting together or if loved ones are two far away,then contacting them by Skype or telephone etc.

Still others find this an extremely difficult time, finding it lonely and a time when lack of family is really felt. Some I know deal with this by helping others, working at homeless shelters or the like.

Whether you belong to any of the groups above or none of them here is a Festive blend of essential oils that I like to use at this time in a diffuser.

Orange 5 drops, Benzoin 1 drop, Juniper 10 drops, Vanilla 2 drops.  You can also mix the blend in 30mls of a vegetable oil to use on your skin.

Another option is to book a Festive Massage for yourself and or a loved one. A non consumerist way to celebrate and or deal with the difficulties of the season.

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