Juliette of the Herbs.

This beautiful video was suggested to me via Facebook today by a beautiful friend. It tells of Juliette’s journey to herbalism and many of her findings. It talks of her use of herbs throughout her life and her learning, largely from Gypsy peoples of both England and the Mediterranean.

She tells how it was decided after the burning of the library at Alexandria a decision was made that the medical knowledge should not be lost again in the event of a similar disaster. The knowledge was given to the nomadic peoples but in her words, “The cheated and kept the knowledge to themselves.”

I am not saying that I would accept all of what she says without question. I have just watched this film once.

I tend to use herbalism for myself and family as well as my chickens! With them we have herbs planted in their grazing area and note what they seem to like at different times of year and in different states of health. We do plan to plant more herbs in their area to give them a greater choice and thus expand what we know.

I doubt if I will ever formally train as a herbalist but do think learning more about the discipline will inform my practice in both massage and aromatherapy here in Cambridge.

I will however look out for her books and use them to expand my learning. Do let me know what you think of this.