Exercise, Massage and Aromatherapy

A natural combination, I am sure many will agree. However it is important that all are done properly. Inappropriate use of essential oil can cause sensitisation or sunburn. Massage done badly can cause problems and the wrong sort of exercise, even Yoga done wrong can make things worse, not better.

That was why I really liked this piece that I read today. It is talking about side stretches and outlines what potential problems can be caused by tight hamstrings and adductors. What I really like is how it describes the support that can be given to a student in order to help them get the most from this stretch. A useful reminder that Yoga is not a competitive sport but should work with where the individual is at both mentally and physically.

The massage therapist needs to do the same and work with where their client is now rather than treat everyone as if they are an athlete or any other stereotype, adapting to individual needs.

This is what I aim to do in my practise in Cambridge.

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