Aromatherapy – Massage a poem

Warm hands oil,smells
The rhythm of skin on skin
Pushing kneading,stroking
Reaching deep into my core
My back relaxes.

Hands on my back now hot
Push deeper easing pain
a forearm glides
sinking in to my being
I sleep.

My calves and thighs at rest
muscles pushed and worked
I leave behind my bodies weight
Drifting to a sea of dreams
Aches pushed far away.

Rising from the deep I turn over
My feet enjoying love
Tension eases in my knees
Leg lifted hamstrings stretched
Pain gone far away.

Hands now hotter still
Circle round my core
like arms of a clock
Moving, moving ,moving
My centre stills.

Arms held an moulded
Scents evoking memories
A hand rubs mine palm to palm
Sensual touching healing
Time stands still.

Shoulders back and neck
Stretching,tension leaves
Face held and mouilded
Freedom Peace and Calm

Fingers Head Temples
Palms pushing firm
Breathing deepens
Eyes close
I rest.