Wind can be hot and dry, cold and dry,warm and moist or any other combination of temperature and water content. Today here in Cambridge it is cool and moist, though not nearly as cool as is usual for the time of year!

In Traditional Chinese Medicine however we are concerned with Wind-Cold and Wind-Heat.

Wind-Cold is characterised by a strong muscular aching, Sneezing, an aversion to cold along with other flu like symptoms. Essential oils that are useful in this include Eucalyptus, Pine, Lemon and Tea Tree.

Wind-Heat shares some of the same symptoms but rather than a mid fever there is a strong one, thirst, sweating, sore throat and swollen tonsils. Headaches are also present in both. The first of these conditions sometimes leads to the second.

The essential oils used for this are also ones with strong anti-bacterial properties but tend to be more cooling in nature, including Eucalyptus Lemon-scented, Lavender and peppermint.

Both these conditions indicate an active infection which means massage may not be the best thing but using the oils can still help to provide symptomatic relief as well as shortening the duration of the illness.

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