Squashing some more in!

Those who know me will attest to the fact that I like my food!
I see eating food that is primarily local, organic and seasonal as being what is best for us.

However some foods do store well. Some of these squash will last till June or even later, all grown on our allotment in Cambridge.

Others produce a glut which has to be processed or we could never eat it all! Even processing our quince we struggle to eat it all and always have some to give away.

IMG_0010Membrillo will last for years (if not eaten first.) Presumably one can make something similar with either apples or pears if one has a glut? We also love roasting quince with just a little honey. The final product is so rich and Moorish that it could replace Christmas pudding if only the quinces would last that long!

Which brings me to that essential of the Christmas season – Cake! While ingredients are organic, some such as raisins, sultanas etc. are not local. Eggas are our own however. Made by Ceri, my other half and beats any shop bought version!