Natural England steps into the Tumbrel

When will her title be officially changed to, “Minister for the destruction of the Environment?”

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511px-The_Maiden_dsc05364 The Maiden, the Scottish forerunner to the Guillotine

Liz Truss has apparently already agreed to a 32% cut to the Defra budget for the 4 years from 2016-17 onwards. This impressive feat allows her to sit on the panel which resides over the imposition of cuts on other, unprotected departments. Truss is an acolyte of the Chancellor, whose ideological mission seems to be to dismantle as much of the public sector as he can before anyone can stop him. Farmers Guardian has already suggested some areas which could be affected by this cut.

Looking back at a previous post, I see that Defra had already taken a £32% cut from 2010 to 2015. By 2020 Defra’s non capital budget will be down to £1.2609 billion, a reduction of £500m a year spending from the current financial year and effectively halving Defra’s expenditure from 2010 (£2.46bn) to 2020.

This level…

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