Protecting our bees.

I am supporting this petition for a debate in parliament over the Secretary of State for the Environment’s decision to allow the use of pesticides that all the evidence shows are damaging, not only honey bees but other pollinating insects as well.

An article in New Scientist Magazine last week told of a species of bee that farms fungus. It has been demonstrated that neonicotinoid pesticides are more damaging to bees when applied with fungicides which is often the case. Could the scientific finding be part of why the fungicides increase the toxicity of pesticides or is it just the direct increased load on their ability to deal with toxins? I don’t know but as long as we continue to prioritise the interests of big agrochemical firms over the environment we are putting long term food security at risk.

For purely selfish reasons, I want to protect my own bees. I also see other bees and pollinating insects as having an important role in the web of life for a myriad of reasons

I also wish to be able to continue to buy organic carrier oils and essential oils for my aromatherapy and massage practice. As it is I don’t have access to local organic beeswax. (This would require hives to have a six mile radius around them of certified organic land.) It is impossible to produce organic hive products anywhere in the UK. In Cambridgeshire it would be impossible to find anywhere to place hives with a one mile radius around them certified organic, never mind six miles!

I have chosen to use beeswax from my own bees as I view this as less environmentally damaging than importing beeswax from abroad.


So to improve the safety of the beeswax skin balm I make, along with the safety and security of our food please sign and share this petition.