My reaction to the horror in Paris.

I was going to write a marketing type post today but have decided instead to express my sympathy with those affected by the violence in Paris yesterday and explain some of my thoughts on this.

When it comes to blame, I am quite clear. Those who carried out these actions are responsible for them. In the same way the politicians are responsible for their actions in ordering military action. For a long time the West has pursued policies largely driven by financial interests to do with oil which summed up are if somene looks like being our enemy we will support their enemy either directly or by giving them weapons.

Over two hundred people have been killed in the Paris attacks. A higher number than this are being killed every day in the Middle East. Why are we not expressing the same outrage about these deaths? It is not just that these deaths are taking place thousands of miles away from us. I am sure the same shock and outrage would be present if it had been New York.

I think that it being what we perceive to be such a different culture to our own is a big part of it. If we were as shocked and appalled by deaths in the Middle East, then perhaps the events of yesterday evening would not have happened.

Let us all have compassion for all those affected by violence.