Christmas is coming! Time for a massage

Christmas is a great time to get a massage! You can really enjoy the warmth of the room in contrast to the cold outside. (Unless the unseasonably warm weather continues!)

There are oils that can give a real sense of the time of year too.

Juniper, always one of my favourite oils, Nutmeg, clove and cinnamon all come to mind. Or perhaps the citrus zing of Lemon or Bergamot is what you need to contrast with the lack of light and the short days?

Vanilla is another rich oil that speaks of the rich food around this time of year.

Perhaps what you need most is to show some love to your legs after hours shopping pre-Christmas or in the sales? My location at the Salus Wellness Centre is less than five minutes walk from the Grafton Centre. Or if you are in the South of the City,Trumpingon appointments are also available with a wood stove rather than radiators to heat the room.

Introductory first session one and a half hours, (Initial consultation and  massage) £50 Subsequent sessions one and a half hours. £55 One hour sessions £40/£45  Half hour £30.

To book call 07939 273 569

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