Know your oils Rose Maroc

Rosa Centifolia, also known as Cabbage or Provence Rose.

One drop o a piece of paper or card. The aroma is rich and floral, soft and sweet. It is immediately identifiable as rose though I would not be able to identify which sort of Rose without doing some extensive perfumery training!

Most, “Rose oil” is in fact absolute which is obtained by solvent extraction and is not recommended for therapeutic use because traces of the toxic solvents remain. 120Lbs of petals are required to make an ounce of the essential oil by steam distillation which is why it is so expensive Indeed even the absolute which has a much higher yield is not cheap!

At five minutes the rich floral aroma remains, though some of the top notes have evaporated making the scent slightly heavier.

The oil is particularly useful in inflammatory conditions and in depression, particularly when emotional healing when abuse or loss of a loved one are involved. I used it a lot when working at the therapeutic community that paid for a third of my training costs in Massage and Aromatherapy. I use it less now but it is still an oil I would not be without.

At ten and twenty minutes I haven’t noticed much difference but at an hour the smell is less floral and exciting though still identifiable as Rose.