Permaculture Association AGM

On Saturday I will be attending the Permaculture Association AGM.

This will be the first one I have attended which has not been part of a convergence. Why is this relevant to an Aromatherapy and Massage practice?  The short answer is that I consider my practice to come within the permaculture remit. Let me explain.

Permaculture is a design system based around three ethics.

  1. Earth care.
  2. People care
  3. Fair shares.

I do not find it difficult to demonstrate how my practice fits in with these three ethics, I use only organic products for carrier oils and essential oils and also compost the couch roll I use. Giving massage and aromatherapy is by definition people care but I also offer cheaper rates for those on low incomes which fits in with both the second and third ethic.

I hope that as well as the formal business of electing trustees and officers of the association, I will also learn something that will aid my permaculture practice both in terms of my aromatherapy practice but also my growing things on the allotment and keeping bees and chickens as well as other aspects of my life such as the house I live in.

Friday evening I shall be making some of my beeswax skin balm to take with me to the conference in case anyone wants to buy some.

Top left is the skin balm viewed through a microscope.