Hours of work.

Massage and aromatherapy are things that many see as a luxury, to be squeezed in between the pressures of day to day living. Yet most practitioners  wish to have a normal social life as well. This creates something of a dichotomy with appointments being available at times when a large percentage of those wanting them are not free.

There are also those who when something is wrong want an appointment at once. Again, not always realistic.

How do I manage this? I keep Tuesday afternoons free when I will always be available. (yes sometimes all the slots have gone when someone phones but that is life!

I will also see clients any day Monday to Friday during the day if arranged a few days in advance. I will also see clients in evening slots if free but this can take more emails/phone calls going backwards and forwards. Weekend appointments are also available, again with the proviso that I am free.

For appointments at home, I like to have more notice as I usually use the wood stove to ensure the room is warm enough as I feel it gives the room a different, “Energy” from the central heating or electric fires.

That luxury isn’t available when I see clients at the clinic in Central Cambridge. I suspect not all practitioners would be happy about lighting fires, shifting wood and cleaning out ash afterwards!

Email dave@cambridgearomatherapy.com or phone 07939273569 to see if we have a compatible time!