Apple Wood

One of the things I get to experience as an aromatherapist is a range of essential oils that many have never heard of. I also experience some scents through having a wood burning stove and cutting up much of the fuel for this myself.

There are people selling what they describe as apple essential oil but none of the the suppliers I normally use list it. This could mean one of a number of things. One is that it isn’t useful for therapeutic use. Another possibility is that it is too expensive to appear in most catalogues. (This is probably true of Apple blossom.)

The apple essential oil I have seen listed on some US sites is from the flesh of the apple. There is not enough information there to let me know for sure that it is an essential oil as unlike the suppliers I use they don’t state how the, “Essential Oil” is extracted.

And as you might guess from the title of this post, it is actually the fragrance of the wood that I am interested in. I was reminded two days ago while cutting up some large apple logs in my garden in Cambridge with the chain saw just how much I love this scent. Now some natural scents are destroyed by steam distillation. Apple wood is available as a fragrance but sadly not in the concentrated essential oils form which I would imagine would be good for both depression and anxiety. I would have to talk to an expert in the production of essential oils to find out whether or not it is purely expense that stops this product from being produced.